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Publications & Presentations

Mitchell, Pearson & Neil (2019) A Mechanism Review Evaluating Interactions of the Polymorphisms APOE4 and BDNF Val66Met in Alzheimers Disease. Conference in Genomics and Neural Systems, The Centre for Genomics & Systems Biology IX ~ Abu Dhabi, 2019.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) ~ presented work from the MFMUAE campaign as part of the #lessmeatlessheat global campaign ~ Paris, 2015

Pearson & Williamson (2015) Nutrition for Gastric Band Wearers: A Practical Handbook. Available on Amazon.


Chaired The Allied Health Professional Session at The Gulf Obesity Surgery Society (GOSS) Conference ~ Dubai 2014

Pearson & Neil (2013) Obesity and Male Fertility: A Mechanism Review. Obesity Facts: 2013:6:1:216


Pearson (2011-2012) ION Magazine

  • Detox Toolbox - Special feature

  • Probiotics - Scientific feature

  • Citrus Fruits

  • Tea and Coffee - Healthy or Harmful?

  • Sexual Dysfunction - Scientific feature

  • Hydration and Exercise


My work has been featured in:

Nutrition for Gastric Band Wearers: A Practical Handbook
Bariatric News
Nutrition I-Mag
The Nutrition Practitioner
Obesity Facts

Review of Nutrition for Gastric Band Wearers: A Practical Handbook.

The book offers nutrient-dense and easy to make 7-day meal plans for all postoperative stages. The recipes and meal plans include familiar and easy to find ingredients. A unique addition to the traditional recipe offerings is the list with a detailed description of the ultimate 20 foods for the band wearers’ health benefits. The information in this section alone is worth more than the cost of the book.”  


Natalie R Gillan, PhD, RNT, MBANT, CNHC

Review of Nutrition for Gastric Band Wearers: A Practical Handbook.

“The discussion about fertility and pregnancy after bariatric surgery is one of the distinctive features of this publication. Presented data and information are of great value to the concerned audience as this information is generally unavailable or incomplete.”

The Nutrition Practitioner (2015)