Words of Appreciation ...

Here are a few words that kindly people have shared about their experience of working with me ...

Nic's help made a huge difference in my health and quality of life.  

She is knowledgeable, committed and very supportive, which made me engage with the dietary changes almost effortlessly.

The results of her holistic approach were amazing with remarkable improvements as demonstrated by lab results and the reduction in symptoms.  

For all of your support, thank you so much.


"Nic is a bright light.  

She's a really inspirational, caring woman who has a refreshing outlook on life and is keen to share her knowledge about yoga and health.  Nic has a wonderful upbeat personality that is contagious and I really enjoy learning from her."

Katia D

Working through my health issues with Nic was very rewarding.  Not only did I get a professional but I found someone who genuinely cared about my health and happiness.  She truly is the whole package.

Mrs KD

You can tell through her obvious knowledge, and personality, that she truly enjoys helping others.  Within a very short time she led me onto a life-changing path, which I am truly grateful for.  Thank you Nic.  Mrs D

From the moment I met Nic I felt comfortable sharing my story and health challenges with her.  Her supportive manner really helped me to open up and be honest with her about all my past health issues. Mrs KD

"I've always been someone who pushes and challenges my body, sometimes going beyond its limits and ignoring the screams from my body to take a break.  It was only when I went through Nic's class, that I realised how much my body needed to rest and recover.  Thank you Nic for the beautiful restorative and meditation class and that realisation to listen, love and care for my body!"

Serena Y

“The class was great, it had amazing energy and I could feel the love throughout the class. It was a lot of fun to try the really tasty juices and snacks - and great to be around such amazing people!  

Thank you so much.

Dani L

Nic suggested some changes to my diet that I would never have thought of but they have really worked for me.

Mrs S

"Nic, you had more of an impact on me than you'd imagine.  

I switch to your voice in my head and that English-accented inner voice brings me to an ocean of calm."

Amanda T

Nic is very encouraging and supportive and I felt she helped me make some healthy changes to my diet.  Mrs AS

The way you relate to my daughter, explain things so she can understand, and take her opinion on board is great.  She is making a lot of positive food choices because of the time you, and I, have spent explaining benefits of certain foods and the improvements she’s seen in her condition.

Mrs B

“Great fun, and a really nice harmony amongst the participants.  

Left feeling relaxed yet energised.

Thank you!"


My health and quality of life have improved a lot over the time we have been working together.

Mrs SB