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Life-Affirming Movement & Meditation

Come play ~with these joyous life-affirming movement and meditation sessions!

They're super easy!  

Each of us has been gifted with an incredible body which allows us to experience life as a human ... sometimes these bodies of ours feel healthy, fluid, flexible and full of vitality, and other times they feel tight, creaky, injured or some parts start to make strange noises!  No matter what age, shape, size, gender, colour or bendiness ~ we can always enjoy moving and meditating in them!


Sessions vary and include relaxation with gentle music, snuggled in cushions, bolsters, and blankets - others offer verbal or visual cues to move your body into various shapes with an aim of easing and relaxing the body and mind. Whilst some sessions invite more of a wild play and encourage out of the ordinary kind of shapes, sounds, movements and meditations!  The most important thing is that whatever you're doing feels good for you!

Love the body you are in! 















Held during:  December 2021 

Exchange: €8 per person 

Where: Yoga Yurty

Alpujarras, Spain

Max peeps: 

Currently 4 which gives us loadsa space to swing our arms wildly!

Please email me if interested in joining! 

"Rejoice in desire ~ our road map to wisdom, 

or is it mischief, I always forget which!?"


The next short course: 


“Yoni Shakti Movement ’n’ Meditation"

Winter 2021 


Location: Hampshire, England 

Allow the powerful, sassy, feminine text of Yoni Shakti to nourish you, as your body moves in and out of delicious soothing shapes.

Perfect for all ages, all body shapes and sizes, and those who do, or have never done, life affirming body movement ... 

These sessions are focused on supporting female pelvic, hormonal and menstrual health.

Please email me at: to find out more or to provisionly book a space.





"Meditation is a flow of breath, a flow of attention, and a flow of love".



Previous short courses:

"Discovering Meditations That Work For You

~ A Walk on the Wild Side!"


3-week course - February 2019

Location:  The Mandala Room, Abu Dhabi

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“Lila (Playful) Movement ’n’ Meditation"

4-week course ~ September 2017

Location:   The Sunset Lounge, Abu Dhabi

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"Candlelight Restoratives, Meditation and Mantra"

4-week course ~ January 2017

Location:   The Sunset Lounge, Abu Dhabi

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"Discovering Meditations That Work For You ~ Relaxation" 

 4-week course ~ October 2016

Location:   DNA Centre, Talise Spa, Al Qasr Hotel, Dubai.


Phenomenal Women Sessions


Creaky Body


Tuesday 10-11.15am CET


Bring your Phenomenal-ness and be prepared for some raucous (from the swamp) activities and behaviour.

Sessions end with a deep relaxation! 

Thursday 10-11.15am CET

Bring your creaky body, aches and pains and let's see what a few gentle stretches, oohs, ahhh's and laughter can do for the body, mind and spirit!

Sessions end with a deep relaxation.