Life Affirming Death Workshops

For those who think death is not going to happen to them, for those that know it will, for those that hope it won't or those who hope it will!



During November 2021 and January 2022 I'm offering SEVEN differently themed Life Affirming Death Workshops.  Choose to join for one, two or more ... these are offered in a live real~time space (via Zoom) and will not be recorded.

Each workshop runs from 10.00 - 16.00.


These Life-Affirming Death Workshops have been created as if like a recipe for an exquisite herbal tea, gently blended with a few leaves from:


✨ Earth Medicine

✨ Tibetan Death Rites

✨ Therapeutic Coaching 

✨ Elemental Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga)

✨ Life-Affirming Movement & Meditations (gentle ~ and suitable for all ages, body shapes & sizes)

Served in a beautiful cup of love, joy and kindness.


In these workshops I'll guide us on a journey from the NOW ~ into an aspect of DEATH ~ where we will tenderly commune ~ with space to contemplate and journal ~ and then I'll guide us back out, and round to a new way of seeing and celebrating a Life-Affirming NOW.

Together we will:

✨ Honor the sacred space between us

✨ Ride and tend to emotional waves if and as they arise

✨ Welcome all parts of ourselves ~ however and whoever we are on the day

✨ Offer great love and respect to our hearts, our inner teacher

✨ Be aware our journey is our own - you will never be asked to share anything unless you wish to.

Seven Workshop Themes ~ An Overview

1. Life Spiral ~ Monday 8th November 2021

Ideal for those who want to dabble their toes and not get in too deep. Taking a life spiral journey, stopping along the way to contemplate and muse on the path so far .. and where it may lead to next?

2. Acknowledging Death ~ Tuesday 9th November 2021

Taking a closer look at death, why it evokes certain emotions in us and how we can feel more comfortable when looking at or thinking about our own and others passing. 

3. Regrets and Forgiveness ~ Wednesday 10th November 2021  

Now we start to dig a little deeper. After taking time to consider where we or others have regrets and where we or others need forgiveness, we will journey into a forgiveness meditation, followed by a healing activity to lovingly tend any sensitive parts within us which may have arisen. 


4. Love Letters ~ Thursday 11th November 2021

A little deeper still. In this workshop after journeying through our heart space we will take time to write our goodbyes. This may sound a simple activity, which yes, it can be. Yet also it can be hugely profound. 

5. Deep Dive ~  A goodbye to our loved ones ~ Tuesday 18th January 2022 

This is a deep dive and can be a really precious meditation to participate in.  I will tenderly guide you through this journey, taking ample time afterwards to come back round to NOW and soothingly re-nourish the soul. 

6. Deep Dive ~ Our own funeral ~  Wednesday 19th January 2022

Another deep dive, which can be hugely profound. This workshop includes funeral chants and then a resting into your own imagined passing. Every experience is unique and personal. No two death meditations will ever be the same.  Again, I will tenderly guide you through this journey, and provide ample time afterwards to come back round to NOW and soothingly re-nourish the soul.


7. Live Life As If You Mean it ~  Thursday 20th January 2022

And now we get to business! What would I do if I could? What is stopping me? Taboos and purpose? What does this life mean to me and what do I mean by living it fully? Let's play with the wild, ridiculous and outrageous!

By the end of these workshops we will have:

✨ Rested our temple body in a space of life affirming love, joy and kindness

✨ Discussed our atitudes and beliefs around the life/death cycle

✨ Journeyed via guided meditation into a space relevant to the workshop session

✨ Gained a deeper understanding of how different aspects of the life/death cycle affects us

✨ Shared what our "I'm Alive Now" means to us

✨ A personalised life/death plan to implement when we are home

How We Will Meet:

We'll meet via Zoom.

The workshops have been structured so that we have time with and without screen contact to avoid Zoom fatigue as much as possible. 

Please Bring With You:


✨ Squishy Yoga Mat

✨ Bolsters

✨ Blankets

✨ A journal and pen/pencils

✨ Blanket and/or scarf

✨ If the weather is cold then extra wooly socks

✨ An open heart

Prices and Payment:

✨ Early bird (payment received anytime 4-weeks prior to the course start date): £95.00 per person/per workshop.

✨ Normal bird: £125 per person.

Closer to the time I shall organise online payment via this webpage.

Please be aware that I am unable to offer refunds, however you may swap your place with a friend if for any reason you find yourself unable to attend.

Other Information:

✨ There are 8 spaces available per workshop.

✨ If interested in any of the above please do let me know.

✨ Or if you have a friend or family member who may be interested please feel free to pass on these details.

✨ I don't participate in social media so truly appreciate word of mouth (and share of website) 


✨ If you have any questions at all then please email me at:


✨ These workshops are NOT a grief or death counselling service. 

✨ These workshops are for those who are curious, intrigued or feel called to look more into aspects of death        and dying as a way to enhance life and living.