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1-1 Celebrate Living Sessions

Hello and welcome Glorious Being!

These sessions aim to get into the nitty gritty of what might be causing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual blockages, hiccups or mishaps along the way of being able to:


 * Celebrate Living ~ life, here, now, fully *    


To Celebrate Your Living we'll lovingly and curiously investigate:

✨ You ~ who are you, based on the understanding that this changes, and in many cases frequently!?

✨ What do you want in order to more fully embrace life and the living of it?

✨ Food and SpiritTM and how this personalised holistic system may be integrated into your daily, weekly or         seasonal routines, and phase of life.

✨ Finally ~ together we'll create your Celebrate Living Manifesto.  

Celebrate Living Sessions include two components:


  1. Food and Spirit™ ~ is a colour-coded science based holistic system, personalised around your wellbeing and lifestyle. We utilise a range of foods, movement, affirmations and visualisations/meditations for personal enrichment and inner transformation.  Tests for nutritional status, intolerances, digestive health or basic genetics may be recommended, however are certainly not obligatory.


  2.  Celebrate Living Manifesto ~ is created by using a variety of personalised intentions and declarations. 

The Process ~ What to Expect:

1. Request A Session ~ FREE 

~ Click Here

2. Prior to our meeting ~ Contemplation 

~ Receive, read, contemplate and complete questionnaires and then send back to Nic.

~ Allow at least a week to muse over, contemplate, consider and complete these questionnaires.

~ Nic will read and review your questionnaires 

~ 20 minutes ~ £22.00 

​✨3. Our Initial Meeting ~ Discussion & Listening  

~ This initial session will focus on discussing the responses within your questionnaires  and listening to any additional information you may wish to share with me about your desires for life and vitality.

Receive Celebrate Living Manifesto Prompts

~ 60 minutes  ~ £88.00 

​✨4. Our Second Meeting ~ Receive Your Food and Spirit™ Plan

Our second session will focus on discussing options for, and then providing a personalised Food & Spirit™ Plan includes food, lifestyle, affirmations and visualisations/meditations.    

~ Share and discuss your Celebrate Living Manifesto Responses

~ 40 minutes ~ £66.00 

​✨ 5. Our Third Meeting ~ Insights Gained & Next Steps

 This session, will focus on following up, feedback and any insights gained on how the chosen changes, from the previous meeting, have impacted your living 

~ Create Celebrate Living Manifesto

Options for next steps will be considered.

~ You may choose a 30/40 min time slot for this session.

~ Further sessions are available on request.

~ 30 minutes £44.00/40 minutes £66.00 

✨ Cost and Payment:


for one session of each…

includes a 40 minute Insights & Next Steps Session = £222

or with a 30 minute Insights & Next Steps Session = £202

Pay in advance for all.


 Or you may pay for each session separately the total would then be: 

~ including a 40 minute Insights & Next Steps Session = £242


~ or with a 30 minute Insights & Next Steps Session = £222

 How to Book:

Please email me at:

Sessions are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


How will we meet?

Sessions are held via Zoom.

How will I receive information?


Questionnaires are emailed via a secure email system.

What if life is feeling like a troll bog and I'm just grouchy and struggling to celebrate even getting out of bed?


You're human!

We can start there :)

Other questions?

You're more than welcome to send me an email and we can arrange a FREE no obligation 15 minute chat to work out if we feel what I offer is the best fit for you.

"Where there is laughter, there are miracles"



If you have complex health issues, are on a number of medications, or are looking for a Medical Approach then these sessions may not be suitable for you.

If this is the case then please visit your GP/consultant or: The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) for a list of registered Functional Medicine practitioners.